Cherche famille au pair en Irlande ou au Royaume-Uni



29 Décembre 2009

Je suis à la recherche d'une famille en Irlande ou en Angleterre pour partir comme fille au pair (je voudrais commencer tout de suite et rester jusqu'au mois de juin ou juillet). Je suis déjà inscrite sur Au Pair World (très bon site) et sur Great au pair, mais je laisse quand même un message sur ce forum. Si vous avez d'autres sites intéressants je suis preneuse.

Voici mon profile en anglais :

I hope to find a nice family in order to welcome me. I like very much the children and I am ready to become their new big sister during a few months. I am patient and creative. Moreover, I will delighted to play with your children outside. I want improve my English, but also teach the French to your children.

My name is Laurie and I am 18 years old. I live in a small village in the west of the France (Niort). I am curious and cheerful ! I love to discover new horizons. I am passionate by photography and by trip. My dream would be to travel around the world ! I like very much animals and nature. Each summer I go to my aunt (they have got a farm and many shelters) and each mornings I go to feed the animals with all children, it's very funny ! Later, I would like to work in the tourism or in the photography.

I wish to be « au pair girl » because I want progress in English (I want take a course of english). Moreover, I want to discover a new country, a new culture and new persons. I want also to show you my culture (to make typical french food !!). I would like to start as soon as possible and stay until june or july. I think that it’s an unforgettable experience !

See you soon I hope !

Laurie (